Dec 15, 2012

Seeking calm in the most mundane of tasks

Had a good dinner last night and finished off with a glass of wine. The past week had been rough and one of my busiest this year. Hardly feeling festive for me.

Went to the wet market with my Mum this morning, and bought fresh meat, seafood and vegetables. I will attempt green curry and pad thai! I will be using a ready made paste however.

Only just last night, I had carved up a whole roast chicken myself, during dinner. I hadn't done that in my entire life. Today, I'm slicing pork, and cleaning and cutting up a squid. Then I tore off the skin from the chicken thighs, and picked off the fat, then chopped it up. After awhile it started to get easier, and I was deftly working out the bits and pieces and then scraping off the board like a pro! I have found that simple and mundane tasks such as gardening, can bring about inner calm.

I feel like Tywin Lannister from Game of Thrones, gutting and carving up his stag!

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