Jan 1, 2013

Closing a good 2012, on to 2013

I just cannot seem to stick to my plan!

A few weeks back I was thinking of reducing my stocks exposure, hold more cash and wait till next year.

I exited all of my Midas at 0.42, and as of yesterday;

I have doubled my position in Thai Bev, bought at 40c

I have a small speculative position in Plastoform, bought at 0.044

I have an even smaller speculative position in Digiland, bought at 0.001. Biggest risk is 100% if they delist, and returns could be... 200% the next move up! Bull shit! There is always the grey area and I'm pretty sure I'm in it now; stuck at 0.001 with low volume. Anyway, I shall be the optimist and call this the SGX lottery and wait until the queue reaches my order hopefully...

I am looking more towards growth and capital gains in 2013 since I can't find any decent yield cows around.

My portfolio is now very heavy on industrials and non-cyclical consumer goods (I am now a Friend of Chang!). I have not tasted Chang beer before but it seems like I shall do it soon, cheers!

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