Jul 18, 2013

Access to the Thai stock market for retailers

I shall attempt to share some information in response to reader Shuaka's question in my previous post;

1. How do we buy thai stocks in SG
There are a few local brokers that offer access to the Thai market, such as CIMB, POEMS, OCBC, DBSV.

2. Local brokers buy offline and high comm charges
You can place your orders via the online trading platform as you normally do for SGX. You have to expect some delay in your orders getting processed as they are handled manually by the central dealers. By default, your platform's price feed should be about 15minutes delayed. I highly recommend getting access to real time feeds. An economical shortcut will be to load the prices via the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)'s website, if you do not mind the hassle.

Here are some snippets of the commission charges;




I use CIMB and I am quite satisfied with it but I suggest readers to ask your current brokers/representatives for more information such as fees, dividend information and then evaluate which mode is best for yourself.

3. Share my thai portfolio
Personally I have been going in and out as the Thai market is more volatile. Most of the stocks are not very attractively priced but the fund outflows produced a dip which enabled me to pick some.

I just attach a snippet from my recent activity, but I am reluctant to share my portfolio because this blog is mainly to discuss and share information, and I am not going to post stuff like the next hot stock or make some stock calls like a prophet. I am interested in the financials and retail counters personally. Please do share your views.

If you have read my previous posts about purchasing TRUE, I have already sold out completely. You can load the chart, I think it has broken the strong resistance which I was hesitant to risk. It should be comfortably above 8.20 today.

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