Aug 26, 2013

F&N Reit to raise at least S$640 Million

Yet another update on the proposed REIT today, from Reuters.

Still not much new information;
1. IPO expected to raise at least S$640 million
2. Occur in first half of 2014

Simple look at the other hospitality trusts...
1. Ascendas H-Trust; Market cap about S$770 million. Offer price S$0.88, closed at S$0.745 today.

2. Far East H-Trust; Market cap about S$1.5 billion. Offer price S$0.93, closed at S$0.855 today.

3. OUE H-Trust; Market cap about S$1.13 billion. Offer price S$0.88, closed at S$0.865 today.

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