Aug 7, 2013

Field visit - Bumrungrad Hospital, 4 Aug 2013

I have been in Bangkok for more than a week and decided to drop by for a quick visit to Bumrungrad Hospital.

Bumrungrad is the first hospital in Thailand to achieve JCI accreditation, and also the largest private hospital in Southeast Asia. Bumrungrad is a one-stop medical center, offering diagnostic, therapeutic and intensive care facilities.

As I wander around the various buildings of the medical center, most of the human traffic I see are Middle Eastern folks, followed by Asians (Japanese, Thai), and a handful of Westerners. Many of them are accompanied by family; there are various packages that cover the patient's treatment and their families' stay for a duration. As of June 15, 2013, the hospital's Hospitality Residence ceased its operations, however patients' families are assisted to make hotel reservations nearby.

Bumrungrad is also going to host an event called "Healthy Mom, Healthy Me" from 6-8 Aug, probably timed with the upcoming Mother's Day. There will be free basic health screenings, facial analysis, breast self-exam demonstration, health consulting and customised health screening packages will be on offer.

I took the lift up to the 10th floor, which is the Mezz sky lobby. It is a lounge that has been tastefully landscaped with zen stone-scapes and a koi pond. There is a Starbucks situated in a corner. The lounge has various foreign service desks, each has a national flag (Chinese, Korean, Internationals) and staff trained to converse in the language of purpose. There is a business center which visitors can also get help for hotel reservations, and a visa extension service desk.

I find the overall environment similar to a 5-star hotel. It is peaceful without loud noises; good for patients to recuperate. Most importantly, there are ample service staff at various locations to assist visitors, and I must say, this is where it has the edge over private hospitals in Singapore.

I still vividly remember my personal incident at Mt. Elizabeth Novena. It occurred when I was having my blood drawn for a test, and the syringe was repeated drawn multiple times as the needle was not inserted properly, each draw yield a bit of blood until the quantity was enough. As I watched my own frothy blood and the terribly inexperienced nurse, I knew for sure that I would never trust my life (or money) with this hospital.

To round up my quick tour, I took a look around the surroundings of the hospital. There are various embassies in the area, and also numerous Muslim restaurants and vendors to cater to the visitors. Accommodation wise, there are both economical as well as higher-end hotels surrounding the hospital.

Having seen the hospital up close myself (but not very detailed), I believe it will continue to grow and consistently receive medical tourists. However this write-up is just to share my experience and readers should not base this as a decision to buy the listed share or for medical procedures.

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