Sep 2, 2013

Thai Bev expanding its distribution reach in ASEAN

From an announcement made today on Thai Bev's website, it announces an opening of a new distribution center in Surat, southern Thailand, for the purpose of distribution to the south and add linkage to its network to the rest of ASEAN. This is another step in their efforts to prepare its operations for the AEC.

The new facility at Surat is Thai Beverage Logistics' second distribution center and Thai Bev with the support of Railway of Thailand,will utilize transport via freight trains to minimize transport costs by transporting in bulk. Thai Bev expects the reduction in transport costs by 30% with rail as compared to road transport.

Currently, Thai Bev Logistics has 18 transport containers and expects to increase that to 41 by the end of the year. Within 2 years, it expects to own 120 transport containers.

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