Apr 24, 2014

It is still OK to be kiasu

I arrived early in the morning at the Starbucks outlet in NUS and got a good table with 2 power sockets behind me. I like the breakfast set here which is only $6.90 for a coffee and something to go along with it.

The staff here are cheerful and perform great customer service. Some are students at NUS who work part-time, and I daresay their service is better than some full-time F&B service staff that I have encountered.

I took out my laptop and began doing some work, I did not plug in my charger because I had a full battery. The outlet was getting filled with students progressively into the morning and soon, a girl approached and plugged her laptop in right behind me and left it there. I smiled to my partner and joked that I should probably plug in my charger too just in case the last point was 'lost'.

A few moments later, another girl came up and snagged the last one.

This had got me thinking; should I have been kiasu and just 'choped' one of the charging points even if I did not immediately need it and it was only behind me?

I recalled a moment when I went to lunch with my office colleagues at a food court. We spotted an empty table and went to it. Then we looked around to see if there were better tables and just then, someone else just walked up beside me, tossed a packet of tissue onto the middle of the table, and then went off to queue for food!


Just like what Beyonce always said; if you liked it, you should have put a ring on it. We probably should have placed a tissue 'chope' too even though we were standing beside the table!

You can never be too kiasu, although what is unreasonable to one may be within reason for another.

A few months back, I was grocery shopping at a market in the town of Sheffield. I picked a nice punnet of strawberries and left it in the handbasket which I placed on the floor beside the fruits section and went to look-look-see-see other goods. Just when I was away, a local auntie came by and started browsing for strawberries. The rest were pretty average to bad, and I suppose my punnet looked pretty juicy and appealing, because she just took it from the basket and swiftly handed it to the grocer. Ninja!

This is the end of my random tale today, there is no polished or witty anecdote relating any of these to finance or investing though, sorry to disappoint!

OK let me give this a try.

On hindsight, I should have 'secured' my power supply once I sat down by connecting my charger even if I had a full battery.

Similarly, in reference to the 5.125% Genting Perps issued back in 2012. Genting already ''got a good seat'' with the first S$1.8B tranche. The funds are not immediately needed, but since retailers are also interested, so might as well lah, eat them also, for the second tranche of S$500M. Also because of the amount of liquidity available in the market, bank/FD rates at all-time low, other companies are also going to issue perps anyway, so must faster grab lah.

I am a holder of the Genting Perps. ever since the beginning.

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