May 1, 2014

Challenger: Recall of power banks

I was alerted to this report that was published yesterday in ST that Challenger is recalling 12000 units of portable power banks due to an overheating problem which may lead to a fire or explosion.

It is recalling the Valore vPower 7800 mAh and 5200 mAh that are sold for S$79.90 and S$59.90 respectively, for a 1-for-1 exchange or refund. Source

Not sure if I am lucky to have not bought a defective product or ''unlucky'' that my model is neither of these two to get me an exchange for a new charger!


The one I am using is kind of ''cheapo'', only 2800mAh, and I bought it at a heavily discounted offer price of about $10+ to $20 when I renewed my Challenger membership last year. It doesn't even have a warranty (not that I know of). In contrast to the two defective models, mine is white, measures (2 x 2 x 10 cm) and looks extremely suggestive and can probably be easily mistaken for something naughty in public.

Besides that, this charger has also got me a pat-down and a bag search at Manchester Airport. Even when the officer determined it to be harmless (Ahh, so its a torchlight!), it was pretty embarassing to take this item out and explain what it was.

However, this charger does its job well and gives me about 80% of a full charge each time I use it when I'm out, and probably has a bit of juice left, although currently due to some fault of mine (or airport security), the ''head'' of this charging stick is detached and is hanging by the wires.


  1. I renewed my Challenger membership last year. power bank

  2. Do you subscribe to any other websites about this? I'm struggling to find other reputable sources like yourself

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