Aug 29, 2014

BTS Share Repurchase 29 Aug 2014

Date of repurchase: 29 Aug 2014
Number of shares repurchased: 5,394,900 shares
Repurchase price range: 9.65 to 9.70 baht per share
Total price paid: 52,085,785.00 baht

Cumulative number of shares repurchased (up till today's transaction): 53,978,200 shares
Cumulative number as % of paid-up shares: 0.45%
Total value of shares repurchased: 524,450,925.00 baht


Some background information:

Date of board resolution: 8 Aug 2014
Procedure for repurchase: Buy on Exchange
Last date for repurchase: 24 Feb 2015

Total number of shares to be repurchased: 600,000,000 shares
Total number of shares repurchased as % of paid-up shares: 5.04%

On 8/8/2014, the share price closed at 9.2 baht per share, after being stuck in the 8.6 region for about 1.5 months. Today, the share price closed at 9.65 baht per share (-1%).

Source: SET
disclaimer: vested

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