Nov 27, 2014

China > India > Thailand > Ph > SG > ...



"Big-time investors picked Singapore stocks over Hong Kong in November

Hong Kong is the least loved market this month.

Foreign international investors preferred Singapore over Hong Kong in the third quarter, as foreign mutual funds again warmed up to Asian equities after two consecutive months of sell-offs.

According to HSBC, Hong Kong is the least loved market in Asia by foreign international investors in November. China regained the top position as the most loved market, pushing India down to second position in the region.

Singapore came in fifth, right behind Thailand and the Philippines. Indonesia clinched the sixth spot, followed by Taiwan, Korea, and Malaysia.

“Meanwhile, global funds turned slightly cautious on Asian equities as they cut their exposure in most Asian markets. However, they continued to like Thailand and China, and further added to their overweight exposure. Global funds cut their exposure in Korea and pushed it down to join the Philippines and India at neutral levels. They remained underweight other Asian markets,” noted HSBC. " source: SBR

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