Feb 6, 2015

The new Bloomberg Business website

I noticed the new web design some time ago when I loaded the Bloomberg site and thought I had clicked on a phishing link and landed in some fake site. It looks so... neon, cluttered and messy. 

''The redesigned site was a reinvention of how we bring our news to the world. It’s faster, smarter, and frankly bigger than anything we’ve done before – and it’s uniquely digital, built for a global web audience, and designed to deliver the right news at the right time,” 
- Joshua Topolsky, chief digital content officer at Bloomberg Media

I was reading this article today about Temasek's response to S&P lumping Singapore with Greece and Jamaica and realized that the comments feature had been removed. Usually I just skim through the article for the main points and then I check out the comments section because sometimes there are nuggets of insightful comments among the trash.

The page also don't end; you can keep scrolling down and random articles are pushed in like news feed from a social media site. 

To me, this whole design revamp is someone's art experiment and has ruined a perfectly working, good thing. I used to like Bloomberg's clean and simple interface, and you've ruined it.


  1. Hi CP,

    I don't visit Bloomberg but your post pip my curiosity. I agree that I was kind of 'lost' when I visited their site or maybe I have lost touch? However, if you view it on a mobile device, the site looks awesome and I particularly like their big clear fonts.

  2. It looks slightly better on mobile, but I wonder if the majority of their audience are from mobile. I also have had the app for quite some time and like how it is, I hope they leave that one alone.

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