Jan 31, 2016

Can Financial Freedom turn a retriever into a german shepherd dog?

He was tall, like basketball-tall and like how people describe in Chinese; skinny and dry. He took to the stage and begun his opening speech. Big words, dramatic pauses and full of enthusiasm.

The man was new but not really; he replaced an outgoing gentleman on the board, an Angmoh transferred in from another division. 

The audience was a raucous gathering of successful cowboys, swashbucklers and fishmongers. You could not find one here who could not tell a tale or two of their gallant exploits out in the field. They were seated in comfy chairs and smiling lazily, the effects of lunch were beginning to set in on most of them. 

Speaking slowly and simply, the man softened up these tough locals who were renowned to appear passive and indifferent.
A simple joke here, a remark there, he succeeded in teasing out obligatory smiles from the crowd. And then he dropped it.

"We actually should have been growing 10%, if not even 15, it's not impossible..."

"But we wouldn't have actually grown, if not for acquisitions..."

"So without that, what do I think about this?"

"Its crap. Really." 

What an audacious statement! Did a magical fairy whisper numbers in his ear? Can we finally turn this speech into a two way dialogue?
The youngest of them was indignant. A fishmonger by trade, the boy was still yet a juvenile in the eyes of these elders. He glanced slightly to observe the crowd. These veterans, seasoned by the elements and fearless after years of plying their trade out in the field. 

Blank stares, tight-lips and stony gazes. They were just... there, quietly taking it.

Where is all their fire now? The boy wondered.


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